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The Oak Cliff Renaissance: GENTRIFIED

This film explores gentrification in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, TX.

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The Bishop Arts District

We spent time in the Bishop Arts District conducting interviews.

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Learning how to use equipment from the first day of production.

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Interviewing subject matter professionals is an important part of documentary filmmaking.

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Flying a drone.

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The Oak Cliff Renaissance: Gentrified

This film was created to explore the topic of gentrification in Oak Cliff, TX. Over the course of 12 weeks, the YMA team met with students from Duncanville High School through Zoom sessions and learned about documentary filmmaking, the elements of a story, interviewing techniques, the basics of researching a topic, and basic uses of the equipment. During our live production weekends, STUDENTS RECEIVED HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE on the equipment and followed their production plan. Our curriculum is aligned to Career and Technical Education Standards in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment pathway for high-paying, highly skilled, and high-growth industry sectors.

This group of students are part of the Youth and Government program through the YMCA in the Metropolitan Dallas area. Their teacher, Stephanie Lee, provided wonderful support along with Yashi McGowan, the Director of Youth and Government and Teens for the YMCA. This project was funded by the Black Leadership AIDS Crisis Coalition (BLACC) and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). 

The running time for the film is approximately 22 minutes

"If our stories aren't told by us, they aren't told correctly."
Founder of YMA
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The premiere!!!

The premiere was held at Youth World in Dallas, TX. Our community of supporters, families, and friends came out to support this amazing project. 

Two YMA completers in the news!!!

Resources on Gentrification

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Another big thanks to ahf, blacc, ymca, and healthy housing for this amazing experience!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Gentrification”

  1. Wonderfully thoughtful and thought provoking production. Thank you for telling this story- congratulations on a successful project that tells an important story.

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